Saturday, October 2, 2010

Big Day For Radar

Radar had a big day today, riding in the car (un-crated), getting poked and prodded by the vet and making a quick appearance at Petco. I am proud to say considering all that he went through he did EXCEPTIONAL! When we first got in the car and got buckled in he was a little shaky, and briefly thought he wanted in the back seat. He had just enough room to get in the back seat, sat there for a few minutes and decided that wasn't for him, so he again joined me shot gun. Even the vet thought he was a nice boy and stated they could tell he trusted me. Gaining the trust of these mill dogs is the most important step, without it, no progress can be made. Here's a picture of him while riding shot gun.

Once we got home he was SOO happy to be home he was actually jumping on me in excitement. You would have thought that today's events would have been enough to wear him out, well not really. We did have a nice nap earlier, but him and Piper have been pretty much non stop playing the rest of the time. This picture just cracks me up looking at it, Piper's eye's look like she is saying WTH? These 2 wear me out just watching them, I think Piper could out play even the most hyper dog. She is like the energizer bunny, keeps going and going.

So the end result today is Radar has come even farther than what he was yesterday. Its a shame that these animals even need rehab like this, it shouldn't happen, they should be socialized and cared for from day one. For as little time as we spent at Petco he certainly got a lot of attention from lookers, I know when he is ready to be adopted it won't take long. He is now crashed with his monkey toy. Night night little Radar, tomorrow will be even better.

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  1. Becky he has such an expressive face! What a doll he is. I'm glad he did well because I know you were curious to see how the ride and meeting the vet would go. Good job Radar and good job Becky! :)