Thursday, September 30, 2010

WooWee What A Day!!

I rode with one of Senior Dogs fosters today, Kim, to Mount Vernon, IL to meet a potential adopter for one of her foster dogs, Saburo. You might remember Saburo, he was the red Standard Doxie I pulled out of JCAC the same time I pulled Piper. Here's a picture I took of him while he was still at JCAC. I'm so glad she invited me to come along because it was so nice to see him go off to his new home. Right now I know Kim is hurting as a lot of us fosters do when we send our foster dogs off to their new life, but especially because I know Saburo was special to her and had she been in a different place and time in her life she would have adopted him herself. Lots of hugs and healing to you Kim. 

After I got home, I was outside in the yard with all the dogs when the neighbors little Chi got out of his yard and walked up to the fence, well of course the dogs were barking and carrying on. Piper tends to jump all over the place and she must have jumped right on top of Izzy because Izzy came unglued and the fight was on. So I have to run to them in my flip flops to break up the fight, generally Piper just walks away but Izzy wouldn't let her. I swear these little doxie's have SUCH tempers, kind of like Rattle Snakes, usually there's no warning and they won't stop once started. They are both fine a few scratches but poor Piper was so shook up over it, she walked up to me, sat down and whined. I of course had to pick her up and cuddle her for a little while, I felt really bad for her. Course only a few minutes had passed and they were both sniffing and licking one another, geez such drama!

A little bit later and I see some commotion in another part of the yard, well Cashew and Hazel caught a mole or vol, I really don't know the difference. Poor little guy didn't stand a chance, but I have to say they remind me a whole lot of mice, and well lets just say I DON'T DO MICE!   These 2 are double trouble if I have ever seen it, can't you tell by the picture? Its never ending with the wild life in the yard, I don't know what to do about it, I guess there's really nothing I can do. I just wish they would all tell one another to stay out of this yard, there are times I can't bare to even dispose of the bodies. These guys are definitely good representations of the breed.

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