Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pom Poms??

On Friday I posted the petfinder link on Amy my friend (the groomer's) facebook page, of a little red Pomeranian, named Rosie, that we had taken into our group. She is a Pom lover and I wanted her to see this cute little girl. Well she couldn't resist and asked me about fostering her, with the possibility of adopting. I had to double check to make sure she was serious lol and she reassured me she was. So it was all set up for us to go pick this little bundle of joy up from Petco on Saturday from her current foster mom. I was shocked when she seen another little Pom we had taken from the same place as Rosie, and said she thought she would foster him too. Well that's not exactly how it happened....she was thinking this little guy might be a good match for her mom and dad and I said well you could foster him too...if the current foster mom didn't mind. Needless to say we walked out with both Rosie and Toby. I'm actually still a little shocked it happened. Anyways without in further delay here is Rosie being called Minnie......
Rosie/Minnie weighs all of MAYBE 3lbs, and acts every bit of the princess she is!

Toby (below) is a tad bigger than Rosie/Minnie but not by much. He reminds me of a Panda bear, miniature size of course. Honestly they are both just precious babies and they both love humans and other dogs. I think both of these babies have already found their furever homes but I won't say anymore and ruin the surprise ;) Imagine going from a breeder dog 1 week to a much loved, pampered baby the next week!Life can be amazing and we can all make a difference in these beautiful creatures lives if just try.

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