Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pitter Patter

As I type this I hear the pitter patter of Hazel and Piper running around the house playing, I rest assured that most of the rugs in the house are turned upside down. Izzy was in on it but then she decided she had enough and wanted to look out the window. There she is looking like I am disturbing her for calling her name and taking a picture lol As you can see, her bows are still in and trust me she has done what she can to get them out! They love this warmer weather we've been having and enjoy just laying out in the yard getting some sun.

I spent some time out in the yard with them these last couple days, picking up sticks and trying to clean up the yard a little. I discovered that Dooley absolutely loves sticks and every time I picked them up he was jumping and carrying on just to get a hold of one. If I gave it to him he would run laps around the yard with it in his mouth like it was a huge prize! Here he is curled up in a bed that is made for a 20lb dog.........not a 70lb one ;) We'll be making a trip to the adoption event tomorrow, maybe this is his weekend!

I spent the week getting the painting finished in the kitchen, catching up on house work and running the little Poms to the vet. Toby and Rosie are recuperating from having quite a few teeth pulled and of course their spay and neuters. They are doing really well at my friends house and are making progress.

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