Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bubble Baths & Beds

I was thinking today that my dogs have the life I can only dream of. Their meals are prepared for them, they get to nap when they want, go outside when they want, get love when they want, well you get the idea......These last few weeks I could have used some pampering, I fell down the stairs 1 day last week and OH buddy do I hurt! Thats why I haven't blogged in a while, all I could think about was pain LOL

Dooley had his first bubble bath last night, he really wasn't too certain of it, I think he was prepared to be drowned or something. He had this true look of worry... you know the one where they pull up at least one of their feet and look down like OMG its getting deeper! He has had plently of baths, but not the bubble bath kind and man was he ever glad to get out of there lol He looked especially handsome today for the adoption event with his Valentine party collar on and smellin good. There were a few people that looked at him but no serious inquires, oh well his day will come, that I am sure of.

Now this is Piper trying out the new doggie bed......I think she likes it. We need another dog bed in this house like I need to fall down the steps again! I think my husband might be right, I might be a dog bed hoarder or at least obcessed with them. So this is what brought me to the thought that I could only dream of being treated like my dogs, I know I could have really used a luxuarious bubble bath and a new bed too, especially these last couple weeks but hey that's life right?

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