Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Trip To Grooming Tails

My best friend that I have known since the 6th grade just started a grooming business and its doing pretty well, I don't wonder why though. Since we first meet we have both been animal crazy, we are the girls that all the stray dogs and cats find, obviously because we could never turn our back on a sick or hungry animal. She is really good at what she does and get this....she actually loves and pets on them the whole time! They also get treats, get to enjoy running around a house and a back yard too. Just like home, well as close as you can get. She does do home groomings too for those dogs that aren't up for traveling or get extremely nervous going places. So if you are looking for a good groomer that won't freak your dog out, she's the one!

I took Izzy to get done since her full coat was starting to come in and I just wasn't up for doing it this time. Of course Amy does a much better job than I do, I mean look at this picture......she just looks so darling and I'm shocked but she still has her bows in! Her frizzy black hair on her body was covering her silver dappling, I'm amazed at how much I can see the silver now! She was a pretty good girl, it took some getting used to the dryer and get her feet hair trimmed but other than that she was a good girl. She is totally worn out tonight, first thing she wanted to do when she came home was crawl up in her bed on the ottoman. I brought 1 of her little dresses to put her in afterwards. See the pic below.

It even matches her bows! That's her "Girly Girl" dress. Trust me she isn't really a "Girly Girl" but is a Diva in the sense that she knows what she wants, and won't stop till she gets it but she can certainly get down and dirty with the rest of them LOL When we came home the other girls were all over her, especially smelling the bows in her ears, I've never been able to keep bows in their ears but come to find out, there is a certain "magic" to it. We'll see how long my rough and tough girl keeps them in ;) I really had to share the picture below because its almost too cute for me to look at.

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  1. Awww...thank you Beck! I really enjoyed our time together yesterday and we need to do it more often, grooming or not. All your babies are welcome anytime at my house. Princey just loves company and little friends to play with! :)
    I don't mean to "bark" up my own tree (no pun intended LOL) but she does look too cute for words! She was a really good girl and I thought she did really well for it being her first time! She is so sweet! I am going to post her pic's on Facebook today - she is going to be a great edition to my page! Thank you again for the opportunity to work with her and for all the kind praises! I really do love this job and I hope I can make a go of it! Love you, Amy