Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Of Those Moods

My mood is easily explained by this picture of Cashew, this is her death stare and you can gaurentee that she is getting ready to snap when you see this look in her eye's. This is exately how I feel.....its been a awful last couple days and there is still nothing resolved. One of the few things that keeps me going is the dogs, they are a constant for me, they never let me down. In this picture she is staring at Dooley, just waiting for him to make one wrong mood. I always say that when she gets crabby like this she can't stand herself, I'm totally relating to her lately.

I did manage to take Dooley to a adoption event on Sunday, there we met a very nice couple that was interested in getting a another dog as company for their current lab mix. They didn't like the idea of crating Dooley when visitors come over so he won't be a good match for them but we have several in the group that will be, hopfully we'll come up with a good match. Here is his regal self, wearing a party collar I made a few months back. I don't think were going to a event this weekend, I'm just not in the mood. Who knows we might stop by 1 on Saturday and Sunday briefly, really I just want to go to bed for a couple days ;)

Just thought I would share a picture of Hazel and Piper, these 2 have bonded very tightly, very quickly. They are each others best friend, you should see them run and play in the yard, they remind me of rabbits, hopping and jumping around.

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