Monday, January 24, 2011

Please No More Snow!

Well we managed to get over a foot of snow here last week, I don't mind snow when its falling but once it starts to look icky I want it gone ;) I can't recall the last time we got this much snow at one time. 5 out of 6 dogs LOVED it! I can't help but laugh when I see dogs running in the snow, I don't know why but it always puts a smile on my face. This picture I took of Hazel cracks me up, I sent it to my mom and dad via email and they said it reminded them of a moose lol I guess her ears flying up do look like moose antlers. 

All of my doxie's love snow, they plow through it like little John Deers. This is Cashew, doing just that, plowing! I will absolutely freeze my tush off taking pictures and watching them run around like this. We got a small amount of snow yesterday and I think they are saying we may get a little more this week, I've had enough of it, when this melts my yard will be a pond as it is now :)

We had a visitor here this past week, her name is Puggit, she is a cute little Pug that we "baby sat" while her foster mom went out of town. I really still can't believe she hasn't found a home, she does have some special needs but truly she is what we call a "easy dog". She was in deplorable condition when she was found at animal control, her eye's were literally nothing but crust, her skin looked awful and stinky. She has chronic dry eye, that went untreated so now she can only see shadows but don't let that fool ya, she is a survivor and she adapts quickly to even new environments. She had a skin yeast infection also but that was completely cleared up with medicine. She also has bilateral luxating patella's that were let go, now there is no surgery to help, she takes a supplement to help with movement and drops in her eye's to help with the dry eye's. She is VERY housebroke, cratetrained and just a all around wonderful, loving girl. Puggit went back to her foster home today, I'm sure she was glad to get back to normal, we kinda miss her Pug head around here ;)

I took Dooley and Puggit to a adoption event on Sunday and seen one of the cutest things EVER!!! We have 3 black Pug puppies in the group looking for new homes. Here is Marco, one of the babies. Pug puppies are SOOOO adorable and rank right up there with Doxie puppies, at least for me anyways. I would be in so much trouble if I had this little booger at my house, I wouldn't get a darn thing done, ever!

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