Monday, January 3, 2011

Do You Know Of Anyone?

It occurred to me the other day that, the person or person's that adopt Dooley are going to have to be extremely special. This dog is more than my words can say, I have deeply fallen in love with this boy, and since I can't adopt yet another of my fosters, I am looking for someone that walks on water. Do you know anyone? I know quite a few people that would fit this category BUT none of them that I know of are looking to add a fur baby to their home. I have to make sure this guy never feels pain or suffering again in his lifetime, all I want for him to feel is love. He deserves it! Honestly he is the perfect dog, housebroken, calm, polite in the house, GREAT with other dogs, knows sit, down and shake. His ONLY issue is he is protective of his home, when you have visitors over you have to either crate him OR keep him on leash close to you, till he realizes the visitors are nice and are not going to hurt anyone. I never blame a dog for being protective, dogs are meant to protect their people and homes, its in their DNA.

He is just a big baby! Check this picture out, he is curled up in the kitchen chair, while my little Piper sits next to him (you can barely see her brindle butt). I missed getting a picture of her crawling on his back to look out the window, he could have cared less. As you can probably tell his butt is pretty much hanging off the edge, he is way to big for that chair! LOL As I've talked about before, fosters are all hard to say goodbye to but some are SO much harder to let go of. Some you bond with immediately, its like you are on same page from the very beginning. I think Dooley and I made a connection through a picture, before we even met.

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