Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just Surviving.....

My hopes for no more snow were crushed. Yesterday we got a whole lot of sleet/ice with a little snow, and more snow today. Thankfully we haven't lost power, which is my worst nightmare, since in 2006 we lost power for a week. Its bitterly cold and windy right now so we are just surviving, wishing and hoping for spring to come very soon! Here's a 3 pile of wieners, Piper, Isabelle and Cashew. The other 3 were piled on the sofa, their picture below :) Mine all like the snow except Duncan, he doesn't hate it he just prefers 80 degree days, I can't say I blame him!

There's Hazel in the middle, flanked by Duncan and Dooley, she's no dumby, she knows those big dogs put off some serious body heat! I hope to have some more doggie snow pictures for you soon but since I fell down the stairs the other day, I haven't felt much like wondering out into the Winter Wonderland lol. I took Dooley to a adoption event this past Sunday, and he actually struck some interest but I haven't heard back from them yet, course it could have something to do with this wintery mess! Cashew our persnickety doxie has actually started liking Dooley, its interesting to see because she has only really liked 1 other foster dog and never a BIG foster. She is still intimidated by his size but little does she know, he wouldn't harm a hair on her picky little head. I'll leave you with this photo below, a picture of Cashew and Dooley taking a nap together!

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