Monday, June 20, 2011

Wieners, Wieners, Wieners.......

My weekend started off with a Cocktail Wiener Party with the Gateway Lo-Downs on Friday. They have these socials once a month, usually at a doggie boutique called Lucky Dog. Unfortunately Lucky Dog is closing its doors the end of this month, which makes me really sad, I have had some great times there, either at a fundraising event or adoption event. They have always been very good to our group. The Cocktail Wiener Party consists of Lo-Down members and their doxie's. We have food and beverages and let all the weens socialize. I took Hazel and Izzy and as usually Izzy was a drama queen... she cried and cried, wanting to be held, wanting to get out of the heat...LOL I have created a monster! Here she is in a picture my friend Kim got of her. I would like to say Izzy had a good time but I'm not sure, she didn't seem happy to me, maybe because it wasn't air conditioned LOL who knows.....shes a diva.

I think Hazel had a good time, she was quiet and she did venture a little bit but never too far. When we walked in both girls greeted Moxie, he is another friend of mines doxie. They both seemed to like him and all the other dogs. I know I had a good time just watching all the weens run around, there is nothing that makes me smile more than to see a bunch of weens. I enjoyed talking to friends and visiting too. One things for sure, Izzy and Hazel were both wore out afterwards, they slept in the car the whole way home.

Saturday I went to a adoption event. It wasn't overly busy but seemed pretty steady. I had a good interest in Dooley but I haven't heard anything else since. The family already had 2 other dogs that have the exact same issue as Dooley, home protectiveness and they are used to dealing with it so I was really hoping these people would follow through. Who knows maybe they will eventually, till then he is safe here with me.

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