Friday, January 14, 2011

What A Moose!

I'm attempting to type this blog while I have a BIG moose head nudging my arm and laying his head on the keyboard! LOL Its non productive for me but for Dooley its very productive, that's how he gets my attention so I stop everything I'm doing just give him some love. He went to visit the vet yesterday for a check up, he's doing well and as I thought has actually lost a little weight, a couple pounds, only because he was chucked full of intestinal worms. YUCK! The vet said he looks great but wanted him to go on one more round of antibiotics, and for me to use Gold Bond on his feet and belly. That's a new one for me, but he does need something for the pads of his feet, they look SO dry and crusty.

I had to go "rescue" Hazel this morning, Dooley wanted to play SOO bad with her but she wanted nothing to do with playing with his big butt! While he was running around and play bowing to her she was screaming bloody murder and snapping at him. It was actually kind of funny but I felt sorry for Hazel, I guess it was pretty terrifying. Dooley had not one clue that she didn't want to play. She likes to play but not with dogs his size, she thinks they are trying to kill her!

The last couple days have been hectic, I don't know if its because its been so cold outside or what but last night someone had 3 pee accidents in the house, of course I don't know for sure who done it but I have my suspicions ;)  That very morning Dooley came running into the house with poop on his foot :(  Thinking I was going to start today off better, I got up with a positive attitude to only have to chase Izzy around the snow covered yard to get a bird out of her mouth this morning! Its not really the chasing that is the hard work, its getting it out of her mouth, she by no means wanted me to get it from her. If you ever need to be grounded and knocked down out of the clouds, get a pet, they'll humble you in a minutes time :)

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