Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Groom Time For Apple

This evening I decided to start grooming Apple in case she gets adopted. She hates getting a bath, she really doesn't like the water part, she seems ok with the scrubbing, soap part but the water does not make this little one happy. I don't blame her, probably the only experience she has had with spraying water was a hose splashing her in her cage. I think that would make me not like spraying water too! The whitening shampoo done a good job, I think its going to take a couple times to really get the stains totally out of her fur.

I'm gonna miss this little firecracker if she does get adopted, she has SOO much personality, I can't believe her little body can hold it all in. I think she would be really happy in a one dog home so that she can be pampered, and doted on like she knows she deserves! :)  See the look on her face in this picture? I think she is saying "Why did you that to me? I'm a princess." I'm not sure which is worse, a dog that comes from a breeder that has no clue what the good life is or one that has expected it their whole life but till now they never received it? I've seen both, and really both are heartbreaking, but maybe that's because I believe they all deserve warm beds to sleep in and a plethora of love and treats. At least now she gets to live the way she should, warm and loved.

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