Sunday, November 21, 2010

Radar The Turd Bird

Radar really is a good boy for the most part, but he certainly has his moments where he can be a turd bird. Tonight he went out with the rest of the pack around 7pm, he kept coming to the door acting like he wanted in, I would open the door and he would stand at the bottom of the steps and just look around. Well finally over 3 1/2 hours later he came in, but not on his own will. I propped the door open and had David go out in the yard, it took a few minutes but Radar finally bolted in the door. I told ya he doesn't like my husband, at least now we found a good use for this dislike.

I wish I could figure out why he does this, it always happens at night time and it hasn't happened for over a month now. For awhile after the last time he done this I made him wear a lead every time he went out, but quit doing it as he started coming in just fine. I just can't understand it, this time I tried hot dogs, cheese, just leaving the door propped open and walking away, nothing worked till our send David out to the yard plan.

There are some days that I think maybe I'm not cut out for fostering, today is one of those days. I still can't break him of pooping and peeing in his crate when we leave. I've been working with him for almost 2 months on this and its not getting any better. I take that back, it has gotten a little better, now I can leave for about 15 minutes without it happening but nothing over that. I keep thinking maybe I'm doing something wrong but when I ask for advice, I'm told the same things I am doing. I've tried leaving him in a xpen instead of a crate and he still does it. I guess I'm just going to keep going till something clicks in him to make him realize we are never going to abandon him.

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  1. That's really hard and frustrating. I remember before I found my dog trainer everyone just kept telling me to keep up what I was already doing. Since that wasn't helping, it was not what I wanted to hear.

    I don't have any advice but I think you are doing the best you possibly can for him. You have proven you are cut out for fostering by working so hard with this really tough dog. I hope you make a breakthrough soon.