Friday, November 12, 2010


I planned on blogging about something totally different tonight, till I busted Isabelle and my blog subject changed quickly. I was actually going through pictures and heard Izzy throw out some barks every once in awhile. At first I totally ignored it, then I thought, well she is probably barking at the cat, when it continued I thought I better go check it out, she has been known to walk in the pantry while the doors open and get closed inside. Well she wasn't in the pantry, she had some how opened the dog food bin and was standing on top of the food just eating away, she thought she had hit the jackpot! Especially since I just went and bought dog food yesterday, a 50lb bag, so the bin was full to the rim! I guess when I fed them earlier I didn't tightly close the lid, my bad. Oh and what she was barking about was warning everyone not to come near HER food! Cashew was standing in the door way just looking at her with a very confused look on her face.

Dachshunds are known for being, well, pigs but my 4 act like they never get enough. I truly believe all of mine would eat until they just fell over dead. In our house, Izzy is known for being a pig and she does not like to share. She knows what a bag of food or bones looks like from a mile away, seriously, I remember the day I took them to the ice cream social at Lucky Dog Boutique, they were doing a food drive for the St. Louis Food Pantry. Well they had a box set up and we were sitting, I don't know, 10-12 feet away from it and she knew there was food in that box. Thank goodness they picked up the stuff and loaded quickly because she can become quite the pest when she knows there is food anywhere near. I call this picture the bloated, bull frog look LOL


  1. That is hilarious! I can just see her standing on her mountain 'o food!! I moved my dog food bin tonight and there were a few morsels undeath where it had been ... well every dog in the house dove for them since they're so underfed. ;) Feel better!!!

  2. She is so cute:-) And they are so small! Isn't it fascinating how tough the little ones are, but most of the bigger dogs could care less. LOL. Makes me think of Pollock and Max when Old Blue was bossing them around. Sounds like you are feeling better (I hope!)