Friday, November 19, 2010

Bigger and Better Things

I got Apple all bathed and smelling good, cleaned her ears brushed her out so that she would be ready for today's home visit with her potential adopters. My friend, Amy is starting her own grooming business and offered to "finish" groom Apple, so last night we went over to her home so she could get her all trimmed and shiny :) 

She trimmed all the excess hair between her toes and pads and made her tail look perfect! I think Apple did very well considering this is likely the first time she has ever been on a groom table and probably the first time she has ever been trimmed with sheers. Here she is getting her tail trimmed, she doesn't look to worried to me :) she is actually keeping a eye on Amy's little Pom, Prince, she seemed to really like him and enjoyed his bounciness.

Here is a picture of Prince, or as Amy calls him Princy. He is also a puppymill survivor that struck gold when Amy adopted him. He was about 8 months old and had a luxating patella, basically this is when the knee cap pops in and out of the socket. Prince had a Grade IV, which means the knee cap permanently stays out of the socket, and requires surgery, he also has chronic urinary problems. He is a lucky boy, there are a lot of people that would not have spent this much money on "just a dog."  Isn't he a doll baby? He only weighs like 4lbs or so and is nothing but a bundle of energy and happiness, thanks to Amy! He's one of those dogs that you can't help but be happy around because he is so enthusiastic about life and everything in it.

Back to Apple, I completed her home visit this afternoon and was very happy with it. Tonight she is in her new furever home, hopefully loving life! Her new adopters are home most of the time and were as happy as could be with Apple. When I left she was curled up in the recliner with the son, I love happy endings! I'll be calling to check on her in a couple days and I hope they send me a picture or two of this sweet little girl. Happy tails to Apple! The Davis pack sends love and kisses!

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  1. Yay for Apple, that's wonderful news. Congratulations to her new owners. May they have many long, happy years together.