Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dachshund Puppies Oh My

To me, there is nothing much cuter than a Dachshund unless were talking a Dachshund puppy! It brings out the OOh's and Aw's in me, it also makes me start talking that ridiculous baby talk. So I thought I would share a few pictures of 3 of my girls when they were babies, its been so long ago, I'm hard pressed to find really good pictures of them. I truly cannot find all the pictures I know I have of Izzy when she was a baby, this is the only one I could find and its not a really good picture, trust me, she was one of the cutest things I have ever laid my eye's on. Of course I'm a little bias :)  People always thought she was a Cocker Spaniel puppy because her ears were so long and fluffy.

Izzy is recovering from her food "binge" last night, I was a little worried, she bloated up and her belly was as hard as a rock, in fact I think you could have bounced a coin off of it. She made many trips outside last night. Last night while we were in bed she laid at my feet and about every 15 minutes she would bark, it was her frustrated bark, the one that lets you know she has had enough, this went on all night long. I think she had a major belly ache and that was her way of letting her belly know she had enough?? I don't know, the dog is nuts LOL Today I gave her a Pepcid to help with her belly and she is much better tonight, she is a little ticked off because I didn't feed her a regular meal today, all she got was some meat to take the Pepcid with and a few dried cranberries. I really don't think she needs any real amount of food today, we'll resume as normal tomorrow.

Hazel was also a very cute baby, she has always been on the docile side, even when she was a baby. One thing that is amazing to me about doxie's is the changes their coats go through as they get older. Hazel had a lot of black shading on her when she was little but now she has very little, its mostly just red. She still has those sad eye's, she can have me wrapped around her finger with just one look :)

Here's my Cashew, the little moody girl. Half the time I don't think she can stand herself! She truly is a beautiful Dachshund though, she has the big, bright eye's and a beautiful shaded coat. Cashew retained more of her dark colorings, at least more than Hazel did. I love my doxie girls, I wish I had pictures of Piper when she was a baby, I'm sure she was just adorable. That's all the cuteness I can stand for now :)


  1. OMG - I love those pics. No wonder their such princesses. They've been beautiful since they were babies. :)

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