Sunday, November 7, 2010

Old Friends

Today I took Apple and Radar to the Petco adoption event, here they are sharing a crate looking around like "What's the point of this crap?" At the start of the event we had quite a few lookers but no takers, and by 2pm it slowed down to a lull. I was proud of both my babies, they did really well. Apple enjoyed being petted and held for a lot of the time by a few of our volunteers. Radar just wanted to be with me, a couple points through out the day a few people tried taking his leash and he wanted nothing to do with it, as one of the customers said, "He only has eye's for you." sigh. There were a couple people that wanted to get him out and hold him, as soon as they put him down he bolted over to me. Its hard for people to understand that it will take him time to attach to another person, but once he does, he will be just like he is with me.

I was very happy today to see 2 of my previous foster dogs, both adoptive families stopped by to get some calendars since their dogs were in them. First to stop by was Soclo, just as sweet as I remember him and in true Soclo style he rolled over for a good belly rub! I haven't seen him since February when he was adopted by Molly and her wonderful daughter. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him but at that point Petco was busy and I wasn't thinking straight.

I was taking Radar and Apple out for a potty break when I ran into Hope and Ron, adopters of Payla, now Bella. I of course immediately had to hold her, she looks really good. She has gained some weight and her hair has really started to grow out. This is one of the two pictures they gave me, which I now have sitting up on my desk. Her foot is a non issue as we thought it would be and per mom and dad she runs like lightening all over the house. It was really nice seeing some old friends and learning how their doing. Both of these babies now have warm homes to sleep in at night, food when they want it and a plethora of love. Goodnight old friends, sleep tight. 


  1. Oh my gosh - Payla looks amazing! Happily ever after for a sweet girl. ::happy sigh::