Monday, November 15, 2010

Adoption Weekend

This was a big weekend for adoption event's at Petsmart, I was there on Saturday for only about an hour to drop off some baked items, for Sunday's bake sale. I took Radar with me so I didn't have to leave him in the crate at home. Apple and Radar attended the Sunday event at Petsmart. Radar continues to do better and better at events and has basically mastered walking on a leash, well as long as I'm the one holding the leash. I need to come up with some kind of plan to get him to come around to other people, he mostly acts like a normal dog with me but other people are very terrifying for him still. I think until I can get him to relax in the presents of other people, he will continue to be overlooked for adoption. He really is such a sweet boy, I hate him not having a home of his own. He is still so skinny, I have tried fattening him up but I haven't seen the results I expected, maybe its just in his genes to be this skinny.

Apple struck some interest on Sunday, in fact I have a home visit scheduled on Saturday for her. If all goes well she will be the only dog in the home, which means more love and attention for her, and that is definitely what she craves. My only concern with this adoption is the adopter mentioned being worried about shedding. Even though Apple is not a heavy shedder, she is not a no shed breed, which I have explained to the potential adopter. I have also told her if by any means she is really concerned about the shedding, I would prefer she not adopt Apple, I don't want to see her being returned because she sheds. She seemed to have come to peace with the fact that she will shed. I took Apple to the vet today to get her sutures out and pick up her medical records. The vet was talking to me about what a nice little dog Apple was and that he thought she was really friendly and very adoptable. I do agree with him, she is actually the first dog that I have fostered that came from a breeder that I have considered adoptable immediately. Since we are going on a home visit for a potential adoption, Apple will be getting groomed this week, I ordered some whitening shampoo so hopefully it will remove the stains she has in her fur. Keep Apple in your thoughts, hopefully this is the right home for her.

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