Friday, November 5, 2010

Its Friday!!!

I picked up Apple today from the vet after her spay surgery and dental was done yesterday, this vet keeps them overnight, which I absolutely LOVE and wish more vets would do that. In the past I have had multiple problems with dogs right after surgery, its very nerve wracking and worrisome. Apple is actually doing really well, and seems pretty much unfazed from the surgery. She ate her entire dinner and has been prancing around the house like she is queen. The plan is to take her to the adoption event on Sunday, along with Radar. She is such a love, I'm trying to convince anyone I know to adopt her so I can still see her sometimes ;)

Radar seems to be doing slightly better with his separation anxiety but I hate to jinx it, I've thought that before only for him to revert.  He's really starting to be comfortable with the whole house and I think he might actually be ready for adoption, of course it will take a special adopter, one that is patient and loving. Here he is hoarding some toys in the back yard. He can be such a stinker, tonight for example Izzy was getting a drink and out of no where he snapped at her, splashing water in her face. It scared her and p'd her off. He isn't trying to hurt them, he's just a stinker sometimes but he insist on learning the hard way, by picking the wrong dogs to mess with lol.

I have come to the conclusion that I no longer have time for our fish tank, over the last few months we have lost all but 2 of our fish. Most likely do to my neglect of their dwelling. I just don't have time with constantly running around after 6-7 dogs everyday. So if anyone is interested in a bow front, 42 gallon fish tank, stand and all the equipment let me know. Originally it was something my husband wanted but guess who got stuck with the care of it???

I heard from a previous adopter the other day when I emailed her to let her know that Soclo now Snowcone, one of my previous fosters was in our St. Louis Senior Dog Projects 2011 Calender. Actually 2 of my fosters are in the calendar, which makes me happy. Soclo now Snowcone is on the month of December and Payla now Bella is on the month of October. Snowcone's mom told me they were going to try to stop by on Sunday to visit and get a calendar. I really hope they do, I haven't seen Snowcone since February when he got adopted. She did tell me he is still doing very well, and loves playing with his stuffed cow. Oh and he was going to be a Bumble Bee for Halloween :) He is one of those amazing dogs that somehow end up in the pound and find their lives hanging in the balance. 

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