Sunday, November 28, 2010

It Was Nice....

It was really nice seeing family this Thanksgiving, I don't see enough of them. Its funny how you get so busy with your day to day life you loose track of friends and family sometimes. The dogs were all well behaved besides Radar's pooing in the crate while we were gone :( but its all good, or at least I keep telling myself that. I mean look at that face, how could you get mad at that? He looks so peaceful, and really he is doing better, he is now getting much more comfortable in different parts of the house. The bad part about making him more comfortable in the rest of the house, I think its going to turn him into a major moocher, but oh well.

I got the Christmas tree up today, and I didn't have the heart to put it up where I usually do, only because that is Radar's "safe haven" so I just made room for it else where in the house. Radar was already acting weird this morning. After we come in from the morning outside trip, he wouldn't go lay in his bed, I looked at the bed, picked it up, wondering what in the hell it was that was bothering him. Well after about a hour I figured it out, there was a throw blanket over the back of the chair, its not usually there, so once I put that away he slowly got back into routine. Some days I wonder if I'm going crazy or if they are, OR maybe we're going together. Its always nice to have company :)

So needless to say I have kept myself busy, my dogs really don't like all the commotion that comes with putting up the Christmas tree, I can tell it makes them nervous and jumpy. Here's a picture of Izzy laxin. I have also managed to ALMOST finish my Christmas shopping! I am so proud of myself, and I didn't even have to leave the house. The last couple years I have done most all of my Christmas shopping on Black Friday online. You get really amazing deals, plus usually free shipping, without the hassle of dealing with the crowds. Yes its right up my ally :) Really the only thing I have left to shop for is the dogs, I meant to finish that today but I didn't get to it. Tomorrow brings lots of running and a return trip to get MORE bloodwork done, I hate getting bloodwork done! The last trip they blew my vein in my right arm, so I guess they'll be shooting for the left this time, have I mentioned I hate getting bloodwork done? lol

I have already caught Cashew trying to snatch a ornament off the tree! Since this is Piper's first Christmas with us I'm not sure how she is going to do with the tree while we are gone, right now she seems not so interested. Doesn't really matter I'm used to coming home to a ornament chewed up here and there. I'm looking forward to my mom and dad coming into town for Christmas, now to get the house ready!


  1. Good on you for almost finishing your shopping. I've still got a long way to go. I may as well assume that I'll be needing to express everything again this year, despite my best intentions.

    My animals get a little weirded out by all the Christmas decorations as well. As long as they have time to sniff everything, it seems to go okay.

  2. I LOVE the pic with Izzy in front of the tree. Beautiful! You should turn it into a Christmas card.