Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beyond Exhausted...

Lately I've been feeling under the weather and no I still have not called the doctor, I feel like my days are so full that I can't find the time to call and then make it to the appointment. This coupled with the last few weeks it all becomes a clustered mess, I need some calgon to take me away from it all for just a little while. I have a lot of things I've put on the back burner that I need to take care of but I'm mentally and physically exhausted. No catching up this weekend, the group has a bake sale going on and I have an adoption event to attend.

Meanwhile the dogs seem to be enjoying the nice weather were having, I guess they better enjoy it now because its soon to get really cold. Duncan's allergies have already started to flare pretty bad, his get bad when the furnace gets turned on. Today I plan on shaving him and giving him a bath, which does seem to help, at least temporarily. Poor guy I know it must be miserable to be so itchy. We had him on shots for awhile that was suppose to make him immune to his allergens but after a year of them he became so fearful of the needle that he would hide from me so we decided to stop giving them to him. I think they may of helped him in the long run but he still gets really bad come fall and winter.

Apple seems to be recovering just fine from her spay and dental work, she's been running around like a frisky puppy the last couple days. Here she is getting into the toy basket, she is very interested in toys now. She's been sporting diapers till I can break her marking habits. You should see the look on her face when I first put one on, she turns around and looks at it and then looks at me, as if to say "What in the hell is that?" she quickly shakes and she's off. It really happens that quick, and she pays no more attention to it. She is the kind of dog that I believe could be put in any situation and she would adapt fairly quickly.

Izzy has also recovered from her infection, and her bark is back to its normal self. Oh boy is it back! I'm very relieved that it was just a infection and nothing more. I'm not sure why this picture loaded upside down? Oh well that's kinda how I feel, upside down. At any rate she is doing good and back in action, being bossy and crazy as usual. That's how we like her.

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