Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Princess And Me

Today has just not been a good day from the very beginning. It started with the neighbors dog getting out of the yard right around the same time I was waking up and letting the dogs out for their morning potty. Well of course Kiki wanted to come over to the front of our fence and start a barking, running frenzy, which is not easy to break up when we are talking about 7 dogs total. All before my morning coffee *SIGH* As the day progressed, it got worse. Izzy started puking, many times, because she ate something she shouldn't have, Radar running through a water bowl, dogs trying to eat cat hair......the list could go on and on. While I'm having one of my bad days, Izzy is having one of her high maintenance days. I wonder if people understand what I mean when I say she is a high maintenance dog? If she gets something in her head, there is NO changing it, typical doxie but she tends to take it to extreme's sometimes. Below is a little video of her during one of her "moments" don't forget to turn up the volume, sorry for the background noise. 
What does she want? She wants a treat, since I attempt to keep them on a strict diet because of their breed, I also limit the amount of treats they can have. I had just given them all a small piece of a treat but apparently she was not happy with that. If I don't do what she asks, she will start this, she also will bark (loudly), stand up, beg, dig on my legs etc. This is why we call her Princess because she truly believes she is and thinks she should be treated like royalty.

One thing I have always been told about doxie's, if you give into them once they never, ever forget it. If you don't believe it, watch the video again LOL  I hope tomorrow will be a better day for me, and maybe Izzy will wake up not so needy also :)

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