Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catching Up And Making Plans

Yesterday I spent most of the day planning a trip to Marshall Missouri to pick up 2 dogs that were part of a puppymill confiscation. Another foster and I will make the trip Monday so that these 2 babies can start learning to live "the normal life". I am also planning on meeting another one of our fosters with Gemma on Thursday so she can start her journey to Nebraska. She had one of her worst panic attacks yesterday, all over coming out of her crate so I could feed her. Nothing is more sad than to see a dog in this kinda state and not be able to do anything to help, my help is not comforting to Gemma, it only makes things worse, so instead you have to stand back and do nothing.

I've been trying to get caught up on some household chores that I have been neglecting. As you can see by looking at this picture of Izzy this is boring for the dogs, they don't see the reason for having to get these things done and trust me they try everything possible to distract me :) Their favorite thing to do is start a chase me game through out the whole house between all 5 of them. I'm looking forward to a little bit calmer, serene house once Gemma starts her trip. Cashew is determined to make Gemma stop having these fits of panic by nipping at her, I can't get it through to Cashew that the best thing to do is just leave her alone. Cashew just likes to control everyone, like she is the boss. If someone is playing and she doesn't like it she start bossy barking at them, crazy pooch.

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  1. I wish dogs understood that we have things we HAVE to do. I keep finding myself trying to do homework and Copper does not agree that is has to be done. He has been taking all of my pencils out of my backpack and taking them behind the couch to chew them up. I am not going to have any pencils left soon if he keeps this up. He also decided that it was a good idea to sit on my lap the other day when I was trying to type a paper. Everytime I try to get something done, he has to protest! Gotta love them though! :)