Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fosters From The Past

Just thought I would look back on my past fosters today, still not feeling well I think its all the lack of sleep I had that is catching up with me big time! Of course I have to include my very first foster, Tug now named Bear and beautiful Chow/Shepherd mix? A older guy that came from JCAC. It's because of him I have continued to foster, just a good boy!

Soclo now known as Snowcone. A close to perfect boy that for what ever reason took over 4 months to get adopted? Not sure why, he actually knew commands and was a very well behaved boy! Also came from JCAC and was very very close to death there. Australian Shepherd/Heeler mix? He was a middle aged guy, that really became a HUGE part of our family.

Indy was such a sweet girl, she came from JCAC also. Her name now is Maxi. She had a very nasty bladder infection when I pulled her and had obviously been bred at least a few times. She was another doxie I thought I would adopt but couldn't deny her the great home she got :) Such a beautiful girl and TONS of fun!

Oh and Mr. Grover, now Mr. Teddy perfect little gentleman and SOO darn cute!! He was the one that stayed with us a few weeks ago and also was the very first foster dog our Cashew ever liked, occasionally you could catch her cleaning his face and laying by him :)  Mr. Teddy came from the old Gasconade pound.

Ivan now named Henry, a skinny little poodle that ended up unwanted in the old city pound. Another perfect little dog that had been passed around from person to person. He started out not liking Duncan, but with in a week he followed him everywhere and had a unhealthy obsession with him.

Pei Pei, the puppy mill Puggie that is still a part of our family. This is a picture I got when we babysat her in August, she did not like the dress! She has really blossomed into a amazing little dog, not too mention she has buffed up from getting good food and care.

Tuffy a beautiful Basset Hound. This girl was a owner surrender by someone my husband works with. Tuffy found a loving home, then unexpectedly was diagnosed with Addison's disease and past away. RIP baby girl, she was young still only 2 years old.

There have been a few more that have come into our lives, Marco Polo, Payla, Gemma, Wally, and of course Piper, our failed foster girl :) We loved them all and will continue to love every one that comes into our home. We only wish we could do more to help these innocent babies.


  1. Good Job Becky!!! YAY It makes me happy to see so many happily ever afers. :)

  2. Fantastic update Becky , youre a great Mommy !