Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Radar It Is

After the Senior Dog facebook and twitter fans voted on a name for baby boy, the final decision was Radar. He is doing well, and got a much needed bath the other day, including a ear cleaning YUCKO it was not a fun job. He looks and smells so much better and I was able to get the knots out of his hair and trim his tail a bit. Radar is still scared of my husband but hopefully that will change with a little time, heck he is still scared of me but does wag his tail when he see's me, versus barking when he see's my husband. He will not be attending a adoption event this weekend, maybe the next weekend. He still needs a little time to adjust more and be comfortable with sitting on laps.He is starting to learn about being around other dogs and how to interact with them, he actually has tried initiating play a couple of times.

Piper played so hard today that by the time we came in earlier she was limping, I have checked her foot and leg out, nothing obvious but withing 15 minutes of laying down she got up and was walking just fine. I think she turned it wrong, if you could see her jumping around you would understand how she may have hurt it. She is definitely a crazy bird that LOVES to play. She is SO much fun to take pictures of and play with, she is actually smiling for me in this one HA!

She has even gotten Cashew playing from time to time.Cashew is usually a kill joy when it comes to play. My poor Shew Shew she is just a hard nut to crack but we love her beyond words and our lives would not be the same without her. Cashew's favorite pass time is laying out in the yard hunting, looking for any small animal or probably big too, that she can chase and hopefully catch. The other day 2 squirrels were brave enough to run right past the dogs to our tree, I swear Cashew ran about 4 foot up that tree before sliding down. I guess the little squirrels didn't get the memo about the one they caught a few weeks ago.


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