Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Rejects To Treasures

I got a update on little Bella, we called her Payla when we were fostering her but her new permanent name is Bella, I'm sure you remember her she was the little Havanese that was missing her foot. A beautiful 7 lb girl that was a mill reject. Her mom sent me this email:
"My daughter has a video of Bella that I will send if I figure out how to do it from her camera. She is GREAT! She definitely has a voice now...barking occasionally when she hears something strange. Last night she did not like the thunder... But calmed down in Ron's arms.
She IS now sleeping IN our bed. Yes, I do have a soft spot. It only took about 3 weeks for me to give in.  It was really for Ron's benefit...she will sleep later that way. Bella is bringing lots a joy into many people's lives. Our neighbors in the condo LOVE her and bring their relatives to meet her. We have met so many neighbors now that we "walk" her.
I do think that she feels like life is GOOD! with us as well."

Amazing how these precious lives go from mill rejects to treasured members of a family, in my eye's there is no such thing as a "reject" they all deserve the best care and the most love we have to offer and we need to offer them a quality life. The Davis pack sends lots of love and kisses little Bella.

Getting ready for the trip tomorrow to Marshall, MO to pick up 2 mill confiscates that are joining our group. One of which I will be fostering, I'll save all that info for later and of course I'll post pictures. Both of these dogs are kinda like "rejects" they have been at the vet clinic since June of this year, waiting for someone to come rescue them so they can start a new life.  I can't imagine how they must feel seeing all these other dogs coming and going while they still sit in a cage waiting for their turn, it makes me very sad. Its the same thing when you go to the pound and are only able to pull a dog or two, there are always ones left behind and I just know they sit back and wonder "Why didn't she pick me?" "What did I do wrong?" This is a picture of our precious Piper while she was locked up at the animal control facility, it breaks me to pieces to see that desperate look in her eye's. I wish I could explain to them that they didn't do anything wrong, the reality is there is only so much we can do, we try to make a difference but until people start actually realizing there is a population problem, and start doing the right thing, this will continue.

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  1. I'm so happy for the sweet girl ... it sounds like she gets along perfectly without that 4th little paw.