Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeling A Little Under The Weather...

Last night I started feeling like my allergies were going hay wire, struck with a awful headache and suddenly was so exhausted I felt like I couldn't walk, today has been just as bad and I have really done nothing but care for the dogs and rest. All the dogs are usually really in tune when I'm not feeling well and they seem to make efforts to behave themselves. I have been calling my new foster baby boy till a name is picked for him, he is really a sweet boy that eventually is going to make someone a awesome companion. He has made great strides in just the few days he has been with us, he actually came up the steps on his very own today, I was SO proud of him! He can now freely roam the yard with only a short leash attached, I can't help but smile every time he looks at me and wags his tail.

I am still trying to figure out what baby boy is mixed with, he is bow legged in the front which I don't know if it has something to do with his breed or if just from living in bad conditions. He still reminds me of a sheltie in some ways, he has a really long body, big legs and feet. I'm open to any suggestions :) He is pretty thin still but we're working on that too. He is still very petrified of my husband but my husband hasn't spent the time with him that I have. I am biting at the nail to give him a bath, he stinks horribly and has a few knots in his hair that I am just dying to get out but I'm trying to wait as long as possible but I insist he gets a bath before he starts sleeping in bed with us, I don't care if they sleep in bed with us but I prefer they don't stink.

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