Friday, September 3, 2010

From Bad To Worse

This week has done nothing but get worse. I won't even go into the horrible situation at JCAC. I ended up taking Piper to my vet on Wednesday because of the spay scar opening up. Well they didn't think it was a hernia, but thought it was a delayed reaction to the sutures, apparently that happens sometimes. I was told to leave the steri strip on it for another 24 hrs and they put her on some preventative antibiotics. I removed the steri strip this morning and noticed a little bubble underneath, well the bubble was fluid and the area opened back up again and drained that fluid out UGH So I've cleaned and stripped it again, but now she won't quit licking it unless I stay on to her 24/7. I guess its good the fluid is coming out but where does this end? I hope the antibiotics do what they are suppose to do!

Also today Duncan got all excited and crazy running around the yard when he seen the mail man and has hurt his hip. This happens from time to time when he over does things, he really has no idea he is almost 10 years old, he thinks he is a puppy. I have given him some pain meds, anti inflammatory's and a rice sock. There's a picture of him "laid up" with his rice sock. Usually within a day or so he back at it, but it always makes me remember that he won't live forever. I consider him my first love, and he will always have a special place in my heart. He gets excited when I get the rice sock out, he knows its usually for him and I guess it makes him feel better.

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  1. Do what is best for you right now! You're such a generous and wonderful heart.