Saturday, September 11, 2010

Success and Failure

We had a very successful bake sale at Lowe's in Arnold that benefited St. Louis Senior Dog Project today. We had soooo many good, yummy treats (for humans) it was overwhelming. Of course with the lack of sleep I've had I was just exhausted and was not really with it all day today. I want to thank all the wonderful volunteers that baked and worked their hearts out and of course the wonderful people that came out and bought the yummy treats to benefit our wonderful homeless pups.

Gemma's trip as been temporarily postponed but hopefully will happen sometime this coming week. I am so distraught over this little poodle that my life has been turned upside down. Here is a picture that I took while I was sitting in the office chair. I didn't turn around in the chair, in fact I didn't move anything besides my hands so I could sneak a picture of the stance she is constantly in even when my back is to her and I'm not paying attention. This to me is terrified, I hurt badly for this little dog but as bad as I feel and hurt for her, that isn't even a drop in the bucket compared to how she feels. I hope her new life gives her some peace because I haven't been able too.


  1. It sounds like the sanctuary she's going to has a lot of success with mill survivors. She's got a great chance there, and your job as a foster has probably been figuring out that's what she needs! Chin up and get some sleep, Cupcake Queen. :)

  2. Sweetie - you need to get some sleep! Maybe your doc can suggest something?

  3. I have sleeping pills but won't take them unless I have to and can't take them if I have places to be. I plan on getting sleep tonight, one way or the other :)