Sunday, September 5, 2010

Need A Little Sunshine In My Life

This past week has been very upsetting for me, to say the least and there are some people that are betraying me to be something I am not but I am lucky to have really good friends, a awesome husband and of course my loving fur babies. Today I stopped by the Petco adoption event for just a little while, I didn't get there till way later than I planned. Senior Dog had a amazing weekend with a total of 20 adoptions between Saturday and Sunday. So many loving animals found great homes, what's not to be happy about! Here is a picture of one of this weekends lucky babies, he was there today waiting on his new family to come pick him up. When I walked in, I immediately spotted this little chubby fella crashed out in his crate and tried very hard to resist the urge to pick him up, well I failed, I couldn't help myself. There is just something about a plump, soft, wrinkly puppy that no matter what lifts your spirits, oh and did I mention the puppy breath? Seriously I am not sure that there is anything better than puppy breath!. Let me tell you this boy is the CUTEST! I took him outside to see if he wanted to potty , which he did almost immediately but then wanted to go rooting in the landscaping plants, such a beagle!

I came home after the event and spent some time with my babies and my foster. The weather is so beautiful out, we spent the afternoon outside.  Piper really loves to play fetch, well she plays the actual game fetch sometimes, you know the type where they actually bring the item you throw back to you, however today she just wanted me to throw it then she would run around and throw it up in the air to herself. She has been a added blessing in our lives, we are very lucky to have such wonderful fur babies.
Right now they are all enjoying a greenie, something they don't get a whole lot. I wish only Gemma knew how to enjoy one, hopefully that day will come.

I enjoyed watching Piper and Hazel play chase me, they REALLY get into it, I have tried video taping it but they run too fast all the video ends up being is a blur!  The one being chased will all of a sudden get rolled by the chaser and the chaser starts jumping over the chasey as if they are celebrating. I swear Piper is queen of the jumpers, she reminds me of a Gazelle. I snapped this picture of Hazel today, look really close at it. She has some dirt on her nose, from sticking it in one of the many holes they have dug in the yard BUT she must have been in the middle of smelling something in the air, if you look closely you can the tip of her nose is actually crooked. I love when they do this, it makes me laugh just looking at it. Hazel does it more often than anyone else. It always reminds me of that show Bewitched, when she would wiggle her nose.

Surprisingly today, Cashew got in on the chasing game a little bit, I'm so happy that she seems to be excepting Piper into the pack. She is SUCH a character, I just wish she would show her real personality to other people besides us, grandma and grandpa. She is SO chucked full of it. Some days she is super outgoing, then other days, well lets just put it this way, her nickname on those days is Crabby Patty, you know the character from Sponge Bob Square Pants? As usual spending the day with the animals has made me feel much better, they never bring drama into my life, only their love and dedication.


  1. What beautiful pictures of everyone! You have the prettiest doxie family. :) One of the ladies that wanted to adopt Piper was at the event earlier yesterday. I told her you had never had a failed foster before but just fell in love with Piper. :)

  2. Thank you Kim, I love them all! I hope the lady that was there yesterday finds another baby that she wants to adopt. We could not help ourselves, I knew when I started to panic at the thought of interested adopters it was time to have a talk with the hubby :)