Friday, December 10, 2010


Lately the Davis household has been slow but progressive. I've been trying to get deep cleaning done in the house, send out Christmas cards and get presents wrapped. While my part is slow, Radar seems to be making great strides, I am so proud of my boy, he really is trying very hard to become a normal dog. Lately he has been hanging out with us in the living room, now even when David is home. He has also went outside for David a couple times, this is HUGE, even though once he gets out the door he turns around and starts barking at him. He really is ready for a home of his own, he still needs a special home but I know now he can overcome his fears and be what he was meant to be, a loving family member.

I plan on taking him to Petco for a adoption event for a couple hours tomorrow, we'll see if we can strike the interest of that special adopter :) Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I left him the other day for 1 hour and came home to a CLEAN crate!! I was SOO excited, I don't know if it was a fluke or not but we'll soon find out. I'm really hoping its starting to click with him, he seems to have all of a sudden realized he shouldn't potty in the house and totally understandx what I mean when I say "Do you need to go outside and potty?" he bolts to the door, dances around and sometimes even throws out a few barks. I'm hoping to soon be able to say he is POTTY TRAINED! That is a wonderful word in the world of rescue, we wish they were all potty trained, it would make our lives much easier and our houses much cleaner :)

Meanwhile my gang is getting progressively anxious for the visit from Grandma and Grandpa, when I mention it, it sends them into pure excitement. You know the kind of excitement you see when you've been gone all day and you come home to jumping, crying, licking dogs? They all love their Grandma and Grandpa, mainly I think its because they know they can get away more when they are here :) of course they get many more treats than usual also! 

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