Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What A Wonderful Christmas!!!

This Christmas was wonderful for us. Of course I enjoyed that my mom and dad came home to spend Christmas with us, but something about this Christmas was peaceful. The dogs are set with toys, beds and treats for long time to come, that makes them happy and anything that makes them happy makes me happy. Check out this toy pig my brother and soon to be sister in law got Duncan. Its a soft rubber like material that oinks when you squeeze it. Duncan is actually scared of it but Piper and Dooley LOVE it! I think Dunc might start to like it eventually but its going to take him awhile.

Aunt Gloria got them a big pack of all natural Christmas bones, we haven't opened them yet, they have so many treats I'm trying to use whats opened before I open more, I plan on trying them too once we open them :) Don't they look yummy?

Dooley is doing better and better everyday, he gets medicated baths once a week and his ears cleaned every other day. Yesterday he was kinda limping on his front foot, when I looked at it I realized why. A big hunk of fungus was coming off one of his pads, we got that off and all is well. He of course has made his way into our bed, I don't know how we all sleep. 6 dogs and 2 humans in a king sized bed, especially when one of those dogs weighs 70lbs! He like all my doxie's loves the snow! I was throwing snowballs to then the other day, he would catch them and take off running like he had a real ball in his mouth, then he would try to spit it out and couldn't figure why nothing was there LOL it was quite comical. I love watching dogs run in the snow, it always brings a smile to my face.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a great New Year, we plan on celebrating ours at home with the dogs. That's they way we like it :)

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