Friday, December 31, 2010

On The Eve Of A New Year

As most people in this world, this day gets me thinking about what I want to change for the year of 2011. Well there are a lot of things I would like to change but I try to be realistic about what I know I can change. I could say I want to loose weight, or I will quit smoking but I know in my heart that I probably won't follow through with those :) This year I'm thinking more along the lines of just trying to have a little more fun, maybe do a few more things for me. Somehow I do everything for everyone else first and by the time that is all done I'm to exhausted to take a little time to do something for myself. Oh don't get me wrong, part of what I cherish is doing things for other people and animals, it does make me happy but I think I might take a little time to maybe make a trip to Borders Book Store, or enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee. Just a few small things, that's all I need.

I live in the world of rescue, sometimes its good but there is always bad, I can always look on facebook or in my emails and see how some poor animal has been abused, neglected or abandoned. It makes me sad most of the time, so sometimes I need a little pick me up. It helps looking at my babies here, and knowing they enjoy their life and I give them everything I can but I think I need to do something to get away from it, even if its just a few moments. That's why I think just doing a few things for myself would help me coupe with the rescue world.

The snow we had on Christmas eve and day has melted now, but I did get a few pictures of the dogs in the snow. Here's Hazel, she absolutely loves the snow. I will have to get a picture of the girls after they come in from a romp in the thick snow, their hair attracts snow balls, so they come in with thousands of little snow balls all over their body. Its comical but hard to get off, they've learned to go to the rug and pick them off before getting on the furniture. Thank goodness!

 Here's Cashew, checking things out. I never understood how dogs could hate the rain so much but love the snow. Honestly I could do without both, but I do understand nature needs it, so I guess I will have to tolerate it ;) As you can see the snow in our yard doesn't stay nice and fluffy for long. With 6 dogs romping in it, it gets all printed up quick.

 At last here's a picture of Dooley. If you look real close you can see some snow on his nose.

 Tonight we are having corn beef and cabbage for our New Years dinner, something I haven't had in years. The dogs are getting a meal of kibble and apples. We are hoping for a healthy happy New Year for all :)

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  1. My Shiva also hates the rain and loves the snow. I don't pretend to understand how her brain works half the time and just go with it.

    I hope you have a lovely dinner and a great time celebrating. Here's to 2011 bringing health, happiness, and many smiles!