Monday, December 6, 2010

A Couple Updates

While I was at the Holiday Magic event on Friday, a woman and her kids came up to our table and said "We love our dog we adopted from you" I had to take a good look at her and then it dawned on me, they were the people that adopted Delila, she is a 35lb Beagle mix that I fostered. Well actually she started out as a foster for my brother and his fiance but their dog Copper said "Absolutely not!" So she came to our house but only for a week or so, till she got adopted by this awesome family. I was told she is doing great and they love her to death! This poor dog was dumped at Animal Control by her previous "family" because they were moving. Sad excuse if you ask me. She has a new lease on life now and as the son told me while they were leaving, our dog is the bestest in the world :)

So I went to Holiday Magic again on Sunday with Radar. I was actually able to look around a little bit and it was certainly busier than it had been on Friday. It was not the best day for Radar, since we had attended this event on Friday and then went to Petco for just a little while on Saturday, by Sunday he had enough. I don't really blame him, by Sunday I was in the same mood as he was :) I talked to couple people that thought they were interested in him but once they realized that he needed a special home they become uninterested real quick. That's fine with me, my goal for him and for all my fosters is to make sure we get it right the first time, that doesn't always work out but I've found if I am brutally honest it seems to weed out the people that would not be a good fit for the dog. I really wish more people were willing to take a chance on these special needs guys, it is SO rewarding to watch them blossom and become wonderful, loving pets. As you can see in this picture, Radar is still recovering today. 

I also talked to Apples new family, she is doing well and seems to be settling in. After trying to figure out where she prefers to sleep, she decided she likes to sleep on the sofa curled up in a blanket. Her potty accidents are down to a minimum and she has started play bowing to them. They have only reached the tip of Apples personality, she is a vivacious little dog that seems to really have a zest for life and a love of her people.  

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