Friday, December 17, 2010

Lettin Loose....

Yesterday Dooley's personality started to shine, he just had a little more pep in his step and he started talking to me by huffing and puffing with his mouth open, its very cute. Today he is really starting to let loose, I think he is starting to feel better. He is not holding his back leg up as much as before. His left back leg and foot is just horribly infected and covered in fungus, but it must be starting to feel better because he is using it much more. Its amazing what just a couple days worth of rest and medication can do.

As you can see in this picture he doesn't have much hair left on his back or tail. Today he does seem a little more itchy than the days before. He probably needs another medicated bath but has to wait a few more days so his neuter site can heal more. A lot of his scabs, flakes and crusts are coming off, I'll take that as a good sign he is healing. I have a coat that fits him perfectly, so he can stay warm till his hair grows back.

Today he showed us how much he really likes toys, as you can see in this picture. He completely entertains himself and us. Course the fun police (Izzy and Cashew) around here gets upset and starts barking at him, but he doesn't seem to care LOL Earlier today he had all the pillows thrown off the sofa, while he rolled and rooted around with a toy in his mouth, whatta goofball! I really don't want him on the sofa, cause he still has a smell to him but I can't make him get down, I just don't have it in me :) He just seems so happy. This rustling around lasted all of about 5 minutes, he is now crashed right behind me, on a dog bed, snoring, as I type.

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