Friday, December 3, 2010

Need A Little Holiday Magic?

 Today kicked off the start of Holiday Magic at the America Center downtown, it goes on all weekend and there is TONS of stuff to do! There's carnival rides, a ice skating rink, many activities for kids, and lots of booths with more stuff than you can imagine. St. Louis Senior Dog Project has a booth there along with a few other rescue groups, selling craft items (to benefit our dogs in foster care) and we have dogs there for adoption also.

I took Radar this afternoon till close. He participated in the pet parade and done really well. During the pet parade they have all the dogs that are up for adoption walk across a big stage, while a MC announces their names, personalities, what they like to do for fun and which rescue group they are with. I had to carry him up the steps but considering how loud and bright it was up there he walked across like a pro with his tail high in the air. Thank goodness my nightmare didn't come true, all I could imagine is him getting on stage and having to take a big ol' poop. LOL Wouldn't that have been sumpin? ; )

Everyone that walked by just thought he was sooo adorable, he gets a lot of interest at adoption events. Tonight there were a couple people that were working some of the dogs booths that actually seemed really interested in him. There was one in particular that really had the gentle touch that Radar needs, she was actually the only person that he approached on his own, which is really saying something! He doesn't approach anyone but me.As the evening neared the end, he was beginning to show signs of stress, and would do a low barky, growl when people would approach. He was saying he had enough! We were there for about 4 1/2 hours and that is quite a long time for him to be in that busy environment.

I might go back on Sunday with Radar, depending if we both recover by then :)

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