Saturday, December 25, 2010

T'was The Night Before Christmas....

and my house is a mess :) Since we are going to my brother and his fiance's house tomorrow afternoon for Christmas and David has to work in the morning, the dogs got to open their gifts today. First we just let them open their dog beds this morning, that was a total riot! I wasn't sure what to expect Dooley to do but he was ripping and tearing at that paper like a nut. Duncan and him are basically the ones that opened the beds, while the girls sat back and watched. In this picture him and Duncan are giving it a team effort. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. There is something about watching dogs open presents that is so comical.

 This is what happens after you have worked really hard to open a present, he couldn't even make it to the bed before he crashed LOL There was not a inch of the floor that wasn't covered with shredded wrapping paper! I don't care it was worth cleaning the mess up just watching them tear into it.We let them open the rest of their presents tonight, they each got a new toy. Everyone participated in the unwrapping this time. Cashew and Hazel took theirs to the bedroom to open theirs and the rest done theirs in the family room, this means I had wrapping paper strode from one end of the house to the other :) even under the bed HAHA!

I feel truly blessed this Christmas, and wish all of you the same.

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