Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Great Gathering And A Little About Dooley

Today a few of us fosters in the group met at The Blue Owl Restaurant & Bakery in Kimmswick for breakfast/lunch. I think a good time was had by all, I know I enjoyed myself. We done a secret Santa gift exchange and just sat around and talked, there is nothing better than being in the company of good people and having good food around never hurts :)

After wards we walked down to one of the many shops in Kimmswick, the Christmas Haus, its filled to the brim with anything and everything Christmas! I've been to Kimmswick once before but its been quite a few years ago. You can't help but get in the Christmas spirit, after having a wonderful meal with friends, exchanging gifts and visiting stores like this. They have just about any kind of ornament you can think of, they even had jellyfish ornaments as one of my friends wonderful son pointed out to me.

They have a "fake" Santa set up in this shop, but he really does look life like, in fact a few of us had the discussion that it was kinda creepy.  I had to take a picture of him, he even had finger nails that looked real. I told one of my friends, when I was a kid I was petrified of Santa Claus. My cousins used to make fun of me, how can you be scared of a man that brings you presents but I was convinced there was something mean about Santa. Every picture I ever had taken with Santa, I was crying, or my eye's were bulging out of my head in fear. I don't know where those pictures are now but I'm glad their not around to remind me of how silly I was to be so scared of Santa Claus. In my opinion, Santa could come down my chimney just long enough to leave the presents under the tree and that was it! There is nothing better than being a kid at Christmas time, it of course was my favorite time of the year, some of my best childhood memories are from spending time with my family at Christmas. That is one thing I wish I could have back, my childhood outlook on Christmas, its just not the same after you "grow up".

After I got home and fed the dogs we took a long winters nap :) Then I decided to give Dooley a bath. It was something else trying to coax this big moose baby to get in the tub. Once in the tub he was great, he didn't even shake water all over the place! I was going to wait till tomorrow but I just couldn't stand the flaky, crusty scabs that needed to come off him. I know this sounds funny but I'm a "picker" anytime I pet him I'm constantly picking the scabs and flakes off, I think its a OCD thing ;) Now that we have increased his frequency of taking the prednisone he is not near as itchy. I gotta say, I'm in total love with this boy, he is such a big baby. He loves to cuddle up and doesn't care what I do to him, he just lays there like "Ok, whatever." This poor guy has some really nasty ears, its a work in progress but one day they'll clear up. I clean them every other day and put medicine drops in. I thought it was his body that still had a smell to it but its not, its his ears. He has been horribly neglected, I do kinda wish I knew his story because I can tell he was cared for at one time in his life, they cared enough to teach him commands and manners. He is going to make such a great addition to someones family!

Dooley wishes everyone a goodnight!!!


  1. Busy, busy, busy. I hate bathing my dog because it takes forever and makes such a mess. So I always make my husband do it. :-P

  2. I only wish I could get my husband to give the dogs a bath :)