Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Christmas Miracle

I do believe in miracles, maybe not as much as other people but on occasion I have witnessed some very amazing things, that can be called nothing but a miracle. I've been watching the JCAC board, its a site that all the animals that are at this animal control facility is listed on, whether they are stray or owner surrenders. I really haven't been keeping track of that board for sometime now because I really have been busy with many other things but for some reason I was drawn to keep my eye on it. I know why now, a couple weeks ago I was struck by the picture of a dog on this site, he had obvious skin irritation, and infected wounds. There was something in his eye's that was talking to me and he reminded me entirely too much of my Duncan. I have been looking at that picture daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and every time I peered into this dogs eye's I could see pain and misery, but there was still a twinkle, a lust for life, a good life.......I kept trying to push his pleading eye's out of my mind but still couldn't help but look at his picture and wish I could help him. I knew I couldn't take him, he was a big dog and I already had a foster here, on top of my own 5 dogs, it would have been way to much dog in my house.

A couple days ago I got a email from one of the volunteers at JCAC, with a list of EXTRA URGENT animals on it. Basically extra urgent means, this is the last chance for these animals, as euthanasia day is approaching and the shelter is full. When I opened the email, I found this staring back at me.This is the picture I have been obsessed with for weeks. I knew it was now or never, I had to figure out how to help this baby, so the wheels started turning. As guilty as it made me feel, I started wondering if anyone in our group would consider fostering Radar, so I could make room for this guy. I emailed Ellen, the leader of our group, asked her if she had any suggestions on how I could save this guy? She thought maybe she could find a place for Radar, but she wanted to go up to JCAC and check this big boy out. She and I were a little concerned because the Sharpei breed can be dog aggressive. While she went up to JCAC I called Adel, one of the volunteers, and it just so happened she was at the shelter so I explained the situation and asked her to dog test him. A little later in the day Ellen and Adel reported he seemed fine with other dogs and was just a docile, calm fella. Ellen also told me that she thought maybe one of our fosters, Kelly would take Radar. Meanwhile my guilt is growing, I was feeling horrible about turning Radar over to a new foster, him and I have a bond, we understand each other and I just knew he would think I gave up on him, or maybe think I didn't love him anymore. I emailed a couple of my friends in the group asking for advice. Lesa and Kim immediately told me, you are not giving up on him, you have brought him a long way and now its time for him to expand his horizons and for you to save a life. A special Thank You to Kim and Lesa, I needed that!

Well Kelly agreed to give little Radar a try and that meant I could get this boy out of the shelter so he could get some much needed medical care and on the road to recovery. I met Kelly last night with little Radar, of course on the way there he was giving me some serious doe eye's, I couldn't help but cry. I've had good and bad times with little Radar, the good far out weighs the bad. I've watched him grow into a affectionate, loving companion, and I think I've grown a little too. Thank you Radar for the experience of watching you blossom and learn to trust, I love you buddy and always will.

Ellen picked up my new foster yesterday and delivered him to the vet for some medical care and his neuter surgery. I went by the vets office this morning to pick up him up. Dooley has a bad skin condition caused from a flea allergy, that turned into a nasty dermatitis, yeast and fungal infection. He has a long road of recovery ahead of him but he is already as sweet as pie. Dooley is doing fine with the Davis pack and ignoring the more vocal ones :) This boy was someones loved companion at one time, he does know some commands and seems to be house trained. I don't know what happened with Dooley's former owners but he doesn't have to worry about ever being neglected like this again, I'll make sure of that. Thank you for my Christmas miracle.


  1. Becky this made me cry! You are awesome, I think Radar is in a good place and I am sure he will do fine in another home as you have already prepared him for the real world in the past months. And I am so so so so happy that Dooley is with you now and not at JCAC.

  2. YAY!! I am so glad you got him out. I was watching the mom of the pups - just like you were watching Dooley and the Jensens took her to foster as a Christmas gift to me!!! So we both got our christmas miracle.

  3. I'm so glad you got him out. I kept looking at that pic too and was considering taking him also. But with a crabby little male dog and cats in the house, I just didn't know if it would work. He was in too much pain to take to the cat house when I was there to see what he would do. I just love that big wrinkly Sharpei face with those uneven shep ears. He is sooooo cute.

  4. What a great story! I am so glad everything worked out. You may see a miracle but I see the dedication and love of many hard-working recusers. That, to my mind, is even more impressive. It wasn't a miracle that saved Dooley. It was you.

    I wish Dooley and Radar long, happy lives!